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 Elysian Image & Style is an image consultancy that strives to 

equip, encourage and empower people in all walks of life 

by imparting knowledge, guidance and skills in the areas of styling and image.

Elysian Image & Style’s name is derived from the Greek language. 

Elysian is defined as, 

“beautiful or creative; divinely inspired; peaceful and perfect”.


At Elysian Image & Style we believe that everyone is beautiful 


that every person has a divine purpose. 

Therefore, it is our passion to merge inner and outer beauty in order for the individual 

to be a beautiful reflection of who they really are.

Our aim is to awaken inner and outer beauty and to ensure 

the transformation leaves a lasting impression on others.

But, most importantly, that the changed individual walks in confidence of his/her new-found status. 

Therefore they now have a lasting impression of themselves.

women and men alike.


Lizette de Jager




Lizette de Jager is owner & image consultant at Elysian Image & Style.

Ever since she could remember her focus centred on the beautiful things in life and fashion was one of her favourites.
She acquired her B.ED Foundation Phase degree at the University of Port Elizabeth, now better known as the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. 
Even as an education student she assisted her friends on a regular basis with assembling outfits and even did makeovers on a few keen students.

After completing her degree in 2003 she left South Africa for opportunities in the United Kingdom. She lived in London for more than 3 years and absolutely loved the buzz of the big city. 

It is here that she was mesmerised by the programme “What not to wear.” This just fuelled her love for fashion and style even more. Trinny and Susannah became her fashion and style superheroes. Secretly she dreamed of becoming a consultant just like them and doing this for a living, but it stayed a dream for almost twelve years.

After returning from London she met her husband and they now have two beautiful children. She continued teaching until 2015. Their family relocated and she decided to become a stay-at-home mom. 

During this time she kept asking herself, “What do I want to do with the rest of my life?” In 2017 she finally found the answer. . .

She wanted to become an image consultant.



During her research on courses, she found the SOUTH AFRICAN IMAGE ACADEMY.                         

She enquired and after a conversation with CEO, Alette-Johanni Winckler decided to attend their very informative and innovative image consultant course. She qualified and started her journey as an image consultant.

As a teacher, Lizette sees herself as a lifelong learner. It is her passion and ambition to continuously learn and develop her skills as an image consultant. 

In August 2018, she also attended the IMAGE INNOVATORS, Style & Image Management course. Learning from the developers of the colour flow system was invaluable! 

Lizette regularly meets with a variety of clients and equip, encourage and empower them with her knowledge, passion and skill. 

Being a teacher at heart, she often does workshops with ladies and teaches them in her vibrant and inspiring manner on how to become the best possible version of their inner self.


She also founded Gloss -The Finishing Touch, a finishing class program focused on personal identity, etiquette & style, in January of 2019.

She is a confident speaker and enjoys talks, conferences and workshops where she can share her knowledge and passion with women and men alike.