Corporate Style

Elysian Image & Style’s corporate styling services can add comprehensive

 value and benefits to any company.

A few basic advantages are:

  • Equipping employees with better knowledge of self, business etiquette and corporate style.

  • Encouraging employees through a fun, enlightening and entertaining team building session.

  • Empowering employees to embrace their role within the company with greater self-confidence and knowledge in order to build a positive personal and corporate image of the company and themselves.


Corporate Style services are tailored made packages because each company has its own specific needs and corporate image. Therefore these services give the client the flexibility to create their own corporate package that will address the needs of the company directly.


Dress for Success Workshops

Corporate Style Workshops

Corporate Presentations is focused on addressing a larger group of individuals. The following topics are presented:

  • Women in Business 
  • Lead by Example 
  • The Business of Image 
  • The Polished Professional
  • The Revolustionised Receptionist
  • Be Brave

Dress for Success Workshops  are group consultations focused on addressing:

  • Polished Professional Work Attire & grooming
  • Corporate Clothing & Uniforms
  • Dress Code Policy Compliance
  • Professional Photographs & Styling

Corporate Style Workshops is focused on defining  personal and corporate image & style. Topics addressed are:

  • Art of the First Impression
  • Colour & Style Analysis
  • Wardrobe Management
  • Corporate Etiquette, Body Language and Protocol
  • Redefine Corporate Dress Code Policy (Company Specific)

Corporate Image Coaching



Corporate Image Coaching is a comprehensive and innovative image and style service at Elysian Image & Style. 

This service is designed to assist a corporate executive, graduate or newly appointed CEO in the finer art of image and style management. 

The coaching takes place over a period of time (30 or 90 days) and focuses on all aspects of the individual’s personal and corporate image. 

The service includes:

  • Colour Analysis
  • Style Analysis
  • My Private Stylist / Men of Style Program
  • Colour Swatch
  • Wardrobe Audit & Organisation
  • Make-Up / Grooming Session
  • Hairstyle Consultation
  • Dress Codes Defined
  • Professional Photo Shoot (Includes professional makeup session & Photos)
  • Social Media Etiquette Session
  • Corporate Etiquette

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle of the corporate executive, time and appearance are of utmost importance.

Therefore THE CORPORATE SHOPPER is the best solution.

Whether you need an expert to advise during a personalised shopping trip or need a personal shopper to shop for you,  this service can provide both. 

This service can also address:

  • Wardrobe Audits
  • Wardrobe Organisation
  • Travel Wardrobe Capsules
  • Compiling Corporate Wardrobe Capsule

From entrepreneurs to executives, if you’re looking to make a change in your professional appearance, this package is perfect for you.

Whether you’re a graduate, new employee or heading up the corporate ladder, a confident, authentic and professional image is the foundation to your path to success.

The Corporate Makeover can be completed in a matter of days or up to a few weeks. Time and cost-effective.